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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

 Hi.. It's been a month since my last post.

So what has been happening this past month? Ok, it was a Ramadhan month (fasting month) and also the month of me studying (AGAIN even after I've graduated?).. Basically, I joined a 1-Month Pro Makeup Course to simply learn new things (I've always love to play 'Makeup2' haha) and another reason is to complete my fashion course. As for me Fashion Major does not only consist of sewing or making garments but Makeups, Shoe Making and Hair Designing/Styling are also included. That is why I've always wanted to join classes or short courses of them after graduating from the official Fashion Course I took in university. I'm quite lazy and have no mood to apply for another course in university so I was really searching for short courses available which short really means short (not those 6 month course or etc etc) and not a course by a U. (I hope you guys can understand what I was trying to tell you though haha..I tried guys)

Then, one day I happened to found a post posted by a beauty youtuber (tbvh, I never knew who she was (sorry Shaf) but I first found her in 'Explore' tab on Instagram because somehow she was related to someone I know in my following and so I stalked her a bit haha and get to know that she's a beauty youtuber)... My parents insist to send me to makeup lesson that Sephora or Bobbi Brown offer and I remembered about her and lucky me she was organizing a Skincare & Makeup Class that time where I applied for both my sister and I without any hesitations as the price was quite okay too (the first class I joined). Maybe just a few days? Or a week? I dont really remember but after I registered for the first class, she posted another post for another workshop which is the '1-MONTH PRO MAKEUP WORKSHOP' (the second class I joined + class during Ramadhan)... I feel the need to join that class too and I applied for it because the topics covers almost all techniques (or different types of makeup/style) that I wanna learn...

Before we go more deeper lemme introduce 'her' first: Shaf or known as PinkBoxCereal (psst she's actually my Uni Senior :o and sister-in-law of my Fashion Course senior)

As usual I'll post photos and just add the captions if needed. hehe

Together with my sister (oh Shaf and my sis are the same age) but its a bit blurry emmm..

First Day (Skincare)
2nd Day (Personal Makeup)
3rd Day (NO Makeup Makeup + Faux Freckles)
4th Day (Korean Makeup) my eyebrow colour inspired by ma bae VIXX RAVI haha
*paired my Hanbok Top with a knee-length Dress to make it look more casual
5th Day (Kardashian Makeup)
*I felt like a Bratz hahaha
6th Day (Bollywood Makeup)
7th Day (High Fashion Makeup) 

8th and Last Day (Bridal Makeup- Own Style 'Korean Spring Bridal Makeup 16/17')

And soooo I officially graduated from Makeup Course in just one month... :) Oh but no graduation party yet.
Official photo of PinkBoxCereal Graduating Class of June-July 2016
Beauty Guru + Classmates + Models
*I didnt noticed that I wore the ears the wrong way haha
(Oh ya i bought it from REDEYE a looong time ago but I just forgot to bring on the Korean Makeup day so I just used PBC's one heee)

My experience?
Overall, it was a realllllyyyy fun workshop and it was okay for a real beginner like me to catch up what we need to do except on the Kardashian Makeup Day because we need to do some 'baking' so I was a bit blur at that time but I managed to go along pretty well (self compliment lol). I started the skincare routine right after I joined the first class and I can feel that my skin is softer and more flawless for selfies lol xD and I get it what she meant by 'your face will absorb the makeup smoothly if your face is set' (somehow something like that I cant really remember the exact phrase); I can see that the makeup is smoother on my skin compare to my makeup on the very first workshop I joined. Plus it doesnt make my skin oily even after applying the skincare items as we were suggested to use a waterbased one which is more suitable for our skin. (I hate applying things on my skin before as it will make my skin go oily but not anymore after I knew which one is the right product to be used). I must say that I've gained a very useful knowledge from the class. Oh ya, but if she teaches us how to apply makeup on the makeup sheet thingy (Idk what its called but I hope you guys know what Im talking about) it will be fun too!

UPDATE: Oh ya..the 2nd class was 1 month after the first class.

It's still Syawal so Happy Eid Mubarak people!


Dyna d Dayn
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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