Can You Give Me a Favour?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Afternoon readers,
There were few things I wanna talk about what happened at yesterday's event(160814) that made me feel a bit mad until I decided to write it here to let it out.

The FIRST MAIN THING is that my sister specially made and baked a Redvelvet with Oreo Cream Cheese Frosting covered with fondant and handpainted by her plus topped with a special initial of S and A for the bride and groom. But! We saw the cake was USED(i prefer this word 😏 pfft) as someone's birthday cake like it was made for them! That happened in front of our eyes like who wouldn't go mad if you see this right? At first we thought they took out and put the cake on the table for the couple of the day to slice it but NO and NOPE! It was so disappointing and sad and asdfghjkl! Go buy yourself a cake if you want to celebrate your birthday with a cake! We didnt give the cake to you as your cake! Plus there's a special initial on top! Don't you feel shame and guilty to use people's wedding GIFT cake?? Hmmmm I just hope that my cousin(the bride) knew about the cake at least... ㅠㅜ

The Cake!

Then, the SECOND MAIN THING is that my sister(who baked the cake) noticed that the bridesmaid and groomsmen were all staring at her like asdfghjkl. And at last she overheard their talking while we were otw to the parking lot. Its not that she wanted to listen to it but when we walked pass through them which they sitted somewhere that we need to walk pass through them to go to the parking lot, they were talking about her and they said something like 'tengok yang depan tu, dasyat!' (which means, look at the one in the front:referring to my sister who was in front of me apparently, dasyat is something like HORRIBLE or OVER i guess?) but it sounds like they were teasing so yeah.. If i heard it too at that time i would definitely go to them and say : 'Hi, can you give me a favour? Please just shut your stinky mouth up tightly and closely if you know nothing about fashion. I can't stand to smell it any longer! 😏' OR i won't go to them but i'll put my 'special' finger up! It was because they were so 'kerek' who thinks that 'Oh, im the most fashionable here and I know a lot about fashion here!' Pfft dont get me started about their garments.. I have A LOT to talk about it.. The way my sister dressed yesterday was just normal for me and for a REAL FASHION ENTHUSIAST! Maybe they were just too awed that they were jealous why they can't think of the style? Hmmm oh btw 'kerek' means like 'sok tau' or arrogant or someone who thinks that they are the KNOW-IT-ALL person.

My sister donning an asymmetric dress paired with a pants. Its actually a design I've made before for one of my final garments for Sem4 which is inspired from a French Revolution and paired with a full gathered skirt. Read about it here : Perdita x French Revolution Garment

Anyways, I don't mean to give a hard feeling but hey, I'm just telling the truth ok? So peeps, always remember to be humble and think over of what you wanna do first before doing it. Unless you are really an expert in that certain topic which is like me who is a fashion student and I can call myself a fashion designer now because I GRADUATED WITH THAT MAJOR! So I can claim that I'm an expert about it right? Yeah, I feel better now.. Thank you guys for reading my 'curhat' again.. Please do comment below if you have anything.. :)

I don't know if you will/are reading this but,
To my cousin: Congratulations on your wedding and have a happy ever after days of your new life~~

*wrote in the afternoon but added the photos at night xD


Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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