Deepwater Horizon ft. My Dad

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hello there! I can't believe its fall already...arghh and it's Halloctober too! :)

Anyways, back to the title as usual.. hehe

'Deepwater Horizon'.. yeap, it's the title of the movie that were just released last Thursday in my place. I heard the movie is the most anticipated movie especially from the 'Oil people' or most specifically the engineers or someone who is in the Oil and Gas industry. Anddd that does include my dad! He is(was) also an Oil&Gas people.. He's so interested in watching it because he wanted to see whether they depicted the story and the terms and everything well like the reality or not. It was lucky that the movie did well in those things..haha

I won't be like telling the whole story of the movie here but it's just that now I know what and how my dad works offshore at the oil platform. My dad began to excitedly told us stories of how things works and how he works there..(he did told us a bit before but now we gained more of it as we've watched the movie and he told us more in details)
*had a movie date with my parents yesterday

1. He did tell us that he rode the helicopter to the platform like in the movie but we never know about the passport thingy (you can see there was like an immigration where they need to weigh the bag and show special passport) and he showed us the passport during lunch time xD
2. He told us that his position as a project manager would be something like the BP man + Jimmy but he still needs to discuss with the oil platform contractor (Jimmy) before anything
3. Ice cream is truly the best thing you can get at the cafe there like its heaven if you get to eat ice cream there haha
4. If they wanna do any exercise or activity like zumba they'll do it on the helipad. xD
5. anddd what else i cant remember,i'll update if i suddenly remembers it okay heee

As for the movie, it was daebak and it touches my heart quite a bit which i can say that it delivers well because I'm someone that's hard to get touched or cry or something like that heol~ And maybe because I somehow can relate to it. Even I can't really understand it but my dad is there to explain what is what and how things work.. :)

Oh and more about my dad, why did I used 'is(was)' at the beginning of the intro? It's because my dad is no longer working as he has retired earlier this year. And when he was still working, he did handle a lot of cases similar to this and one of it was the one happened in Terengganu few years ago. My dad was with the 'P' company under the 'Find and Dig' team. That's all I can say for now haha

Go go watch it people if you haven't then you'll know why these men are paid quite high as the working risks are also high. It's not an easy job people~


Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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