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Monday, October 10, 2016

스타일난다 핑크 호텔 너무 귀엽당~~~ 

Hello again my fashionistas,
I've a very exciting news to tell you guys and I'm also excited about it and I just wished I was there too at the opening but unfortunately I can't be there... 


Have you heard of a brand from Korea named Stylenanda? Or ARE YOU ONE OF STYLENANDA or 3CE FAN? 


It's something related to them. Recently, they've opened their 3rd flagship store in Myeongdong..and their boutique is just sooo amazing. They have a great concept or theme to attract their new possible buyers to drop by at their place. 

Look at that...OMG! It's soo my style. 진짜 내 스타일!

They have 5/6 floors altogether and they are higher than their neighbourhood shops. ㅋㅋ

Here's a short summary or details I've read from a blog on each floor

1F: Like a normal hotel lobby + where a buffet of various 3CE's products can be 'eaten'
2F: A spa themed floor with more cosmetics + a little cute makeup room setup with mirrors so you can try out the   makeups until you satisfy xD
3F: On this floor, you can now 'check-in' to your 'rooms' + you can start shopping for their clothing items here
4F: The 'Laundry Room' to shop more clothing items including shoes, hats, socks and accessories.
5F: A cafe named 'The Pink Pool Cafe' is located on this floor + shop for jeans stacked on the wall here
6F: A little pinky and comfy rooftop lounge provided for a little rest after all those awemazing floors you've been through xD

A bed and a side table are hung on the ceiling :o

 2F : 'Spa' floor

3F: 'The Rooms'

4F: 'Laundry Room'

5F: 'The Pink Pool Cafe
You can get this cute Cotton Candy Coffee at the Pink Pool Cafe ^^

6F: Rooftop Lounge (I'm not sure if this is on the 6F or just a floor with the cafe heee)

오마이갓! This post is soooo full of pink aite? Im so excited to be there! 한국에 가면, 스타일난다 핑크 호텔에 꼭 갈게용!!! I'll make sure to be there the next time I go to Korea's in my wishlist of where to go in Korea now~~

Anyways, this is a little map of their location in Myeongdong.

Style Nanda Pink Hotel
+ 11am to 11pm
+ 66-2, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea (서울특별시 중구 충무로 2가 66-2)



Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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