Monday, January 2, 2017

If you've read my previous post you'd have known that there'll be 3 new posts today and this one is the 2nd one.. :)

Continue on... i don't know what title to put and I think the current title I'm using is okay with what Im posting because it's the location of where I grabbed these 2 items I'm writing in a while. I wanted to write the store's name but it only refers to one of the brand's name of the 2... I hope you'll get what I meant once you read about it below hehe

Okay..so from the first photo..do you still not get what i meant? Okay Okay... (read it the way it sounds in Infinite's latest song 'The Eye' xD) The store's name is 3CE but i was quite surprised when I got there because they don't only sell 3CE's products but also other famous korean makeup brands like the one I bought above (PONY EFFECT).. and also aprilskin and then I'M.. I forgot what are the other brands but I know all of them.. It's hard to get all those brands from my place except from some certified onsite store like Hermo and etc.. As for 3CE's some of the products are in Sephora but only some of them.. they only have the ordinary ones and not the one like I bought here.. So, with some hesitation(because I tried to control my spending haha) I grabbed both of them with the thinking that it's worth it as it is hard to get them anywhere else. Btw, this is at Komtar JBCC mall level 1/2 (but from Sephora's level, you just have to go up once). 

*Sephora do have 3CE, MOONSHOT and Laneige but like I said they only bring limited items and it takes time to have the latest products..

Done with the story, let's move to the photos! waaaaaaaa

Colour Code

Colour Swatches
Top : 3CE LUZ (more matte liquid style)
Bottom : PONY EFFECT HONEST (more liquidy(if this word exist lol) like lip tint style. Totally like marker.)

Im sorry for the swatches photo..it was my first time doing it heeee I've never done it before xD Plus, the iPhone camera zoomed too deep into my hands lol my hand doesn't looks good here.
Do give me some suggestions on what to try or what post should I do next time (maybe?) down below on the comment section yeah.. 


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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