Monday, January 2, 2017

Finally, after an hour break... it's time for the 3rd and last post for today!! YEAYYYY

We were in JB for 3 days 2 nights for my dad received an invitation to an event. (not related to the title at all but yeah it was the reason why we went there...)

So, all of my family members know that I really love this one cat named Hello Kitty haha and as we were already in JB we made some time to visit the Hello Kitty Town located at Puteri Harbour, Johor. It was a beautiful place I could say..the harbour, where there were a lot of yachts and that we can take photos there.. Even at the parking lot, they built some 'monument-like' things using bamboo sticks or rotans if I'm not mistaken... and we wanna take the photos of those things before heading back home but it started raining heavily once we get to our cars so we couldn't have even a photo of them..ummm because one of them was a hand doing a heart shape sign... ㅠㅠ

Back to Hello Kitty Town...
We didn't really enter the indoor park though.. my intention was just to go to its merchandise store and the Red Bow Cafe that's located side by side to each other. 

To HK Town we go... oops! I meant HK Merchandise Store... hehe
Pardon some of the photos, I captured them randomly and cautiously because I wasn't sure if we are allowed to take photos of the store. 

See, it was already cloudy when we reached the store. (It was sooo sunny when we reached the harbour or parking lot tho)

I was sooooo galau of what to buy for some reasons:
I can't choose!
They are a bit pricey too!
Too much to choose from!
I love one small pouch to change for my current one but the price is a bit over the top for such a small one!
I had in mind what to buy even before I went there and it's a drink glass or bottle but again the price haha!
Luckily the price for the glass is still acceptable! Standard price for fancy glasses like them! (last photo above)
Stated in my previous post that I'm trying to control my spending! (eventhough this one my mom is paying for me but I still feel like it's my money so yeah)
My mom insisted me to get a bag too! 
Finally, I asked my mom to just choose any bag for me because she knows my style quite well!

What did I get for me then at last? Keep on scrolling...will be revealed next!

Ooooo.. what's in there??
Unwrapped and unboxed!
At last I chose this mason jar glass ^^
This is the bag that my mom chose.. I totally LOVE it! It's a backpack bag.

Yeay! Now that you guys know what I get..let's move on to their Red Bow Cafe.

Red Bow Cafe:
I'm a bit disappointed with their food and beverages. :(
Maybe I put a high expectation on them?
But it was just unacceptable!
The food or desserts were quite okay.. okay in terms of presentable but but the taste. 
Scroll along to know more...

As you can see, we ordered Iced Chocolate and as usual Green Tea Smoothie for me. The taste is, I'm sorry to say this but my smoothie tasted FAKE! Like its not green tea at all... and I just didn't know what else to say. I'm a green tea person and every cafes I went to, my drink would always be green tea and this one would be the most fake one ever! That's why I'm so disappointed. Even their Iced Chocolate, my sister said it just tasted like milk powder +  the cakes I dont know what to say because I didn't eat them but from what i can see that they all are just too dry (my mom and sisters are bakers so we somehow know it). Again I'm sorry, had no intention to hurt anybody but I'm just telling the truth here. For the waffles and other foods, we didn't eat them so I won't judge them but yeah...


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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