A Day for Mommy + Cafe Hopping

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hi again..

After some break by watching 'The Universe's Star'... here I am again for the second post of today's.
Continue on... from the previous post, I've stated that I went back home from the 생파 (Saeng-Pa: Saeng Il Party or Birthday Party) earlier than the others to celebrate my mom, too. But we had to postponed it to Sunday..emmm..

So, on last Sunday we almost had our mom to follow us for a cafe-hopping (as a Birthday treat) but she didn't. LOL xD

What did we do then? As our original plan, we went to buy materials for candle-making somewhere around PJ and still we went for cafe hopping in the nearby area. We were supposed to go to 3 cafes but we ended up going to only 2 places.


Oh my god! Oh my god! I totally fell in love with this cafe. The environment, ambience is so peaceful! A perfect place for lepak lepak you know... and exactly what I'm looking for which is desserts. They had various flavour of cakes placed on an island in the middle of the seats (where you can see from my photos above). 

What we had in our tummy was a Banana-Nutella Honey Toast (which we share because we were cafe hopping so we don't want to be full, do we?), an Iced Chocolate and a Hazelnut Cofee Milkshake which all costs us around MYR48 if I'm not mistaken. Maybe its a bit costly but worth to try! It is located at Jalan Dato' Abu Bakar.


Peter & Mawar is located at Sunway Nexis which is also across Rimba and Rusa btw... Rimba and Rusa is the one we canceled to go to haha. We didn't even take a sit here at Peter & Mawar because it was just too empty. No one was literally there but idk if there were people on the 2nd floor tho but because we were also only looking for desserts, we went straight to their display chiller and it was quite disappointing as there weren't much of them.. I guess they only specialised in main course? Nevertheless, we still get ourselves 2 slices of cake, Tiramisu and Red Velvet each to be as our mom's birthday cake. :) Still, I like the decorations of the cafe and maybe some other time when we feel like it, we'll go there again to try their main course. Oh for two slices of these, they cost us MYR23 in total.

Enough with the cafes, let me just show you what we got for our mom. AH! After Peter & Mawar, we drove to MidValley to get presents for mommy! Weeheee~~

So yeah, as you guys can see... we bought her some Hair & Body Care products from Melvita :)
Actually, it was really hard to decide what to get for her.. The same goes to when it was for my dad. But luckily, we remembered her saying she wanna try Melvita so that's how we got the idea of it. ^^ We hope she loves them!


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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