Ma Boo's Day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hello hello hello lovelies..

I feel like new year was just yesterday but na-ah it wasn't. We are already in the second month of the year 2017. Whatttttt?

Anyway, there are 3 special dates this month; 170215, 170217 and 170224. The first one is my boo's and the second one is my mom's. The third one is my older sister's. Boo's and mom's day is near to each other and so we decided to celebrate them on the same day. LOL sounds like my boo is really here uh?

So, last Saturday, 18th of February 2017 a small group of Malaysian Starlight decided to celebrate my boo's birthday at a cafe around USJ. But, at the same time my siblings and I wanted to celebrate my mom too and so I need to get back earlier. :)

Who is my boo? Im sure you know who if you're following me from the start because I often talked about him too. Hehe but to my new readers, his name is Ravi. And no he's not an Indian but instead he's a Korean with a French name i repeat.. A FRENCH NAME which means delighted, something like that. Haha

Okay, now to the event we go. (As usual stories will come along with the photos)
Oh the venue of the day is at Meteora Cafe.

While waiting for the others to come ^^
A lil bit of how the cafe looks like. More photos of it coming next...
Park Bogum is here! Lol he came to support his 93 liner friend maybe? XD Both Ravi and Bogum are from the year 93.
What's in my tummy: BBQ Chicken Sandwich and Iced Matcha Latte and I swear! The sandwich looks small in the picture, that's why I decided to ordered it but bam it's not. Haha in the end, I took it home. Money spent: MYR30. 
Sweet handsome goodies :o 

The party people of the day ya'll!

Anddd daBomb Cake!
That was quite a shock! Hehe the bomb is ready to explode!

The event was a total bomb! I meant success! I enjoyed the day and was sooooo glad that they all love the cake! Oh ya, the cake is a hazelnut flavoured cake. 

p/s: I'm sorry if I was being too quiet or anything but that's how I am I guess? ㅋㅋㅋ but we do get along well... muahxx to all! You guys bombs! xD Hope to see you guys again at the next event. 

As for the cafe, idk but I feel like their coffee is a bit off.. because I felt dizzy after drinking the matcha latte and it lasts for 2 days heol but I love their cafe's ambience and feels and the sandwich was good too and definitely wanna go there again to try out as much as I could of what they offer in the menu. (I've learned a bit about coffee and has been trained to be a Barista too so yeah :))

Extra: Psstt...idk but last night Labi came into my dream and I dreamt of him marrying me ahahaha omg asdfghjkl and that he has a Malay name lol will it be a dream come true? Let's see shall we? 
*I know maybe im dreaming too much but who knows xD


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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