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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hello Hello...
Please give way to this almost one-month old story aka 1st post of the month March, which supposed to be posted way earlier. I made a video of it though to be on my Youtube channel but somehow maybe because of the lighting, the main focus of the look can't be well seen on screen (but it somehow shows when I took photos of it). That was why this post is late as it is a 2nd option to show what I did.

First of all, What is Fruity Makeup?
As i know, fruity makeup is something like the peach or strawberry look where the main focus is on the cheek. 

Im actually watching 'Lipstick Prince' and really inspired to try out the looks they did on the program and so I tried this Fruity Makeup. My sister tried Bora's Lavender Makeup (if im not mistaken it was Bora) and this Strawberry Fruity Look was Seohyun's. There are still a lot of looks that we wanna try but still have no time..heol~

p/s: to those who know me, they'll know I only put on makeup occasionally but even so I have my own characteristics or my signature look already :) and now i have a new add up on my signature look and it's related to my eyebrows. ^^

Just enjoy my selcas! Im quite satisfied with it that's why I wanna upload the video really bad but urghh the lighting (and maybe I should apply more? lol).. I was devastated (hahaha just exaggerating) about it and Im getting the feel to post about it again today and that's how this post is out. XD

I only posted some gifs of the cheek part as it is the important one right... :) Btw, I think in the last photo, I look like a doll! Haha a Japanese one maybe? (lol sorry for self praising) And as I told before, the blusher is quite visible in photos right? Anyways, what do you guys think of this look on me? :)


Products I used:
.TonyMoly Mist
.Benefit Moisturizer
.Moonshot Microfit Cushion in 101
.LipIce Lipbalm
.Moonshot Brow Shaper Pencil in Light Grey (01)
.Concealer from Pinkboxcereal Compliment Gift for Master Student **
.Sephora Eyeshadow from Makeup Academy Palette
.Skinfood Gel Eyeliner
.Moonshot Cream Paint in English Toffee (806)
.Voodoo City Contour & Highlight in 02
.Silkygirl Pressed Powder in Medium Beige (06)
. 3CE Liquid Lip Colour in #LUZ 

**read my journey here Fashion Course Completed Yet?


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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