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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Ya get what I meant? ^

Yeah another post on food! ahahaha We are now gonna talk about Baba Nyonya by Sambal Chilli: so apparently, this restaurant has been around since few months ago, I think but it's still consider new too and located at Avenue K level idk but it's on the same level as H&M Kids, in front of Subway (Sandwich place). xD Today is the first time we were there...

The menu is so cool! They have batik covered the inner of the first and the last page of the menu...

Straight to the foods here we go! All of these cost us around MYR160++.

Omygosh! These two are my favourites! Their Keropok Lekor is such a goodie and so their Tomyum Popcorn Chicken which is so asdfhjkl delish! But they should've use another type of dipping sauce for keropok lekor though... they used the normal sauce I think.
Top: Keropok Lekor (Traditional crackers made of fish)
Bottom: THAT YUMMY Tomyum Popcorn Chicken

The rapper, I meant wrapper looks cute. lol labi the rapper is cute too. xD

For the stated price above, we had 2 Nasi Lemak, a Green Curry Chicken with Rice, a Dry Minced Chicken Noodle, a Curry Mee, a Cendol, a Rojak, a Markisa Drink, an Apple Asam Boi, an Iced Milo, a Cincau Selasih (if im not mistaken) and a Mineral Water. Oh and don't forget my two favs: Tomyum Popcorn Chicken and Keropok Lekor! :) Overall, my family and I are satisfied with this place. Definitely added to our lists of eating place and will return again anytime soon. 

Do lemme know if you have any place you'd like me to go! I love to try new foods or places. Pretty please do so. :)


Update on 24th March:
So after a week from the first visit, we went back but this time with my dad and older sister, too. :) For the second time, I had their Kuey Teow (without veggies so heaavannn haha) and tried their Chicken Lobak. They tasted good as usual. 

Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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