SaturYAY Haul

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yeay it's a SaturYAY! 

(I don't know though, I just saw a lot of my tlist wrote it >Saturyay like that especially in their insta story or I prefer to call it snapgram so I decided to use it as well for today...I know you didn't ask but yeah xD)

As what it is in the title, lemme just post the photos and as usual stories or captions will come along with them.

So, basically, today my mom wanted to buy me and my brother anything.. haha idk but she was just sooo voluntarily-happily asked us if we want anything because she's gonna get it for us. xD As the result, we got this but! I've paid for it too...hehe im paying some as I don't wanna use her 'keching-keching' even though she said she's buying.. 

Top: No2 Tangerine Slice
Bottom: No8 Cherry Milk

BB Cushion: No33 Cinnamon

My favourite type of earring and a choker that has like an ethnic characteristics and looks like a traditional dokoh and reason I love it is of course because of the traditional look xD

Lovisa's story went like this. I actually wanted to get (by my own) a new arrival choker from LKW Fashion Club but was so shocked when I went to the store's location (at the very top floor of Mid Valley). It was because they've closed! Like permanently closed! Ahhh, too bad. Haha, Im lazy to buy at my campus. lol. They have another branch at Publika but I rarely go lepak there... Anyways, it's just what I thought but maybe because of that my mom offered me to get something at Lovisa and that was how the Lovisa's items are now with me. Muahxx mama!

Sunday Update:

So, a lil bit of how I got these! ^
Yesterday, the price tag of the earrings (refer previous gif above) showed a different price from what they tagged in the receipt and that's why today I went back to Lovisa but in KLCC (luckily we can just go to any one of its outlets) to ask which price is the real one just to clarify. After so and so... the problem is solved! But we saw there were stacks or rail or idk of these kind of earrings at the cashier and the price is only MYR45 for 3 and my mom decided to get me more of them. haha xD that's it!


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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