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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hello lovelies,

I sure do blog a lot nowadays... :)

Today is one of the days that I felt like a real designer.. 
Why? It's because my friend who is also a classmate of mine back in Limkokwing and also happened to be an Exo-L (that's why the title is as stated; I'm a Starlight to those who don't know me xD) interviewed me as a young fashion designer. I know it's just for her assignment but you feel me, don't ya? 

This is her. She's a designer,too. And Baekie's Wifeu. Ain't she cute? ^^
I'm so touched knowing that I inspired her to start blogging, too. :')

So, we promised to meet at T Lounge by Dilmah at IOI City Mall. Tbh, it was my first time there and was so excited to be there to try their Crepe but too bad it's not available. :( But I super love the drink! It's called Earl Grey Milkshake something like that and costs me around MYR14.50 per glass. Thanks for bringing me there gurl! Another muahx for ya :* The milkshake is in my fav list already. It tasted so bubblegummy (lol if it exists xD) and I just had French Fries because my mom cooks her signature dish today (more below: Bonus) so yeah..gonna spare some space for that.. My friend had a T Lounge Sandwich (again I forgot the name -.-) and it looks pretty delish, too. Gonna try next time! Oh, tea lovers, you must come to this place! They offer a lot of different teas.. 

We started with chit chats (as we were waiting for the foods for quite some time but when we tried to do the interview, suddenly the food came haha) then after we filled up our tummies, we did the Q&As and continue again with some catching up session chit chats. xD Talked about baes and stuffs and of course fashion related too. Duhhh xP

p/s: She's the only one (of my classmates) Im still meeting outside of campus after we've graduated. We really need to have a mini catch-up session with the others who are still in Malaysia tho..the others are back in their countries hmmm :(

Enjoying this while blogging. Yum!


This is one of my mom's signature dishes that we all love it! Including my lil brother's friends haha. One of the reasons they like to have a sleepover at our house is because of this I believe. xD It consists of Nasi Hujan Panas which my mom used to make it more colourful with colours haha, Beef Rendang, Acar or something like Pickled Vegies and the very special one which made everyone anticipate is Kuzi! Kuzi is made of some special spices from Kelantan (or is it Terengganu? sorry I'm confused because my parents are Kelantanese but my mom stays in Terengganu so yeah... and don't ask if I ever knew how to talk in Kelantan or Terengganu dialect coz no, I can't..  but we can understand a bit when grannies talk to us... heeee we don't talk in dialects at home and mom can't talk in dialects too ':)). Okay, continue on... There are whole eggs and chickens and sliced potatoes in Kuzi. 

So, I enjoyed today's day out for we had a catch up session and shares a lot of thoughts in fashion world. Till next time~~

Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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