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Friday, March 24, 2017

We meet again in the second post! Again it's about food BUT! with some beauty items... Wanna know what they are? Keep on reading... I'll make a simple post for the food..basically this post will be a simple one. don't worry. haha

Where: Absolute Thai, Alamanda (branches that I know: KLCC, Gardens Midvalley)
Food: Yummy but maybe quite pricey for the food that we can get cheaper outside (I know because of the brand but yeah...)
Ambience: I love the interior deco :)
Total cost: +- MYR 235 

Ok, enough with food..let's jump to the beauty section..yeayyyy!

So, after dinner we went to Selectiv' by SASA to just check out what masks they have.. I repeat CHECKING OUT... but I became so excited once I saw this Oozoo Injection Mask cause earlier that day I think, I saw Sarah (K Beauty Host) posted on her instastory wearing this mask... Since then, I tried to search for it on Hermo site and found it but it's an online purchase of course... which made me decided to buy it together with COSRX products some time later but because I've found it here in SASA, I purchased it with joy. lol. Not only that, we saw another mask from Oozoo too for Pore Care and bought it to give it a try also. Right before we head to the cashier, we saw an eye mask which I wanna buy too because I think I need some care for it for some reason and there we bought 3 different masks. *wooh, told ya gonna be simple but I got some stories here and so excited to tell you guys hehe

Oozoo Injection Mask (have 3 different types) - MYR 29.90
Oozoo Bear Black Space Pore Care Mask - MYR 18.90
Animal Tiger Warming Eye Mask (have 2 different motifs) - MYR 12.90
Brightening & Whitening Blackeye Mask - MYR 7.90

Total price was MYR100++ but they were having sales so we got it cheaper than the original price.

How does it feel?
I'll update more about it once I've tried it :)


Stay Adventurously Fashionable,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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