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Monday, May 8, 2017

WARNING: This post is gonna be full of pink. I repeat (read previous sentence πŸ˜) And also a bit long, maybe?

Dolls around the world especially Malaysian, I found a house just right for ya. It's so pink so pretty so asdfghklj cute! It's actually a HQ for Shoppinkboxcereal of Pinkboxcereal (lol yeah read it slowly). 

Shoppinkboxcereal is a beauty place where you can shop your beauty needs: emergencybeautykit.
Dollhouse: Pinkboxcereal HQ where any future beauty classes will be held. I guess. Plus, you can go and purchase the items offline. And, you can go and play with all the makeups and skincare items provided with a fees of only rm20.

Founder known as Pinkboxcereal or her name is Shafiqah Shafie who we can call her by the name Shaf, too.

Empire Damansara. More details of it, you can go check her pinkeu page here or here or here. ^^

And nowwww, the most awaited moment. Photos of her pinkeu dollhouse!

Welcome to Dollhouse aka Pinkboxcereal HQ ^^

This one suddenly someone walked in front of me heol~

 I actually went to her Opening Party yesterday :) So these are the photos taken at the event. Anyway, what do you think? So so pretty aite? Everything is just pink like literally... even her water dispenser haha but i didn't snap it. Oh wait, I can see it in the panorama pic above. 
Her Dollhouse have the same feel as Stylenanda's which I really love!!😍

Now, time for some OOTD or POTD with the pinkeu boxes πŸ˜
FYI, I just realised that I took 2 same poses at 2 different backgrounds... γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ 
And ignore my crumpled blouse cause it was a crumpled don't care day. haha

Top: Zara
Accessories: DDDD, Lovisa, Zara, Vincci
What's on my face: Laneige Two-tone Lipbar, Skinfood Eyeliner, Red Eyeshadow from Eyeshadow Palette (received during Master Class)

Of course one with my pinkeu beauty guru. 
Congratulations again on your new place! Hope you enjoyed the macs~~

Let's now unbox the boxes!

Free goodies. 
Hyaluronic Water Gel + Lip Scrub in Buttermilk and Cappuccino + Pocket Tissue + Skincare and Makeup Steps (YASS! πŸ€—)

Something I bought.

Cocomess haircare products!
Scalp Cleanser, Conditioner, Scalp + Hair Remedy (Treatment item), Bad Hair Day Rescue (can be used for styling etc.) 

A little bit on the boxes: I've learned that the left one is her older version of packaging and the right one: magnetic hard-cover (?) box is her latest or new packaging which is again so cool!

Read my journey as her student here. ^^
And my post on Stylenanda's new place here :)

Just something I bought today to not waste Sephora's Private Sale for members. But my lil bro and myself too is planning to buy this since we tried the sample recently, and now we have it for real.

NOTE: This is not a sponsored post. haha


Let's Vogue-ing,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, λ‹€μ΄μ• λ‚˜)

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