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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oh hello...
Fuhh! It's been a while since I said I'd made an update on the masks of the previous post... but yeah business as in busy takes my time away. 

Long short, here it is and am posting during my break time from all those sewings, I'm posting this for you guys who have been waiting. :)

Oozoo Bear Pore  Mask

I super super love this mask!! It's so moisturising but won't make your skin oily! It absorbs into my skin smoothly and quickly! It's super light and you won't feel anything is on your face. 

Oozoo Ampule Injection Mask

Different than previous one, I like this less (I mightn't buy this again).
Why? Cause the essence is just too much! And too thick on my face where it absorbed soooooo slowly into my skin (I ended up washing it off from my face) and resulted in making my face became double oily than usual for 2 days! 2 days guys! Idk maybe its not suitable for me but you guys can always give it a try eh :) And on the bright side, it's super moisturising! 
⭐️ for the creative and fun self-injection

More masks review coming soon if I have time :) I bought Jayjun's and also Mediheal (might post about it) and I've used Faceshop's before, too. Oh! Don't forget about Laneige's Sleeping Mask (posted about it here). Another major love on Laneige's Sleeping Mask, so light-weight and feels so smooth on my skin and really made my skin looks and feels fresh the next morning! Gotta buy a real stock of it now.

* Being honest, I actually kinda give up on Skincare (I meant the one where we need to put step by step, haha Im lazy lol but still I'm changing to just wearing masks now and of course I still do the skincare routine if I put on a makeup on that certain day). Sorry. And actually, coz my skin started having breakouts which it normally doesn', I'm just getting a recovery period now. hehe

Gotta go now to continue sewing...

Just.. 그냥.. Cosrx is now available in Watson (Basically they have K-Beauty section, too)! But not the item that I want... emm


Till next masking party,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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