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Friday, July 28, 2017


So, after a year apart cause we're an LDR couple, finally we met AGAIN! I don't know where to start tho... there are just a lot to tell! But lemme try to conclude all I can. Btw, blogging this while waiting for my vlog of last night finish saving after editing it. Do watch it too yeah! I'll give the link or will insert it here later in this post.


Yesterday. 170727, Thursday at 1930.

They performed 17 songs in total where as I know they are supposedly to sing 15 only. 
1. On and On 다칠 준비가 돼 있어
2. Hyde
3. Error
4. Eternity 기적
5. Dynamite
6. B.O.D.Y
7. Someday
8. Us Now 지금 우린
9. Shangri-La 도원경 
10. Blackout 
11. Fantasy
12. Desperate
13. Love Me Do
14. Chained Up 사슬
15. Voodoo Doll 저주인형
16. Heaven
17. Love Equation 이별공식

Update: I just noticed that they did not performed Error. 😅

They came out and performed 3 songs and then introduced themselves and we do some talking while they sit and I think it was the Q&A session too? (NO!!! IT'S FADING!!! Lol no it was just me, I tend to lose some memories everytime after the concert lol. Went totally blank!) Each of the members pick up a random question Starlights posted and they answered it. Wait I think they performed another 3 songs after some introductions then they did the Q&A. 

But for sure after Q&A they then performed Someday and Us Now or was it before Q&A then? Lol yeah I think before. Cause they were sitting, so it's either. ahhhh mian~ I listed down the songs they performed but not the whole sequence of the night.

Then, they played some ridiculously nerve-wrecking games hahahah it was so fun watching them being so themselves on stage LIVE! Game finished and because they successfully played the game before the time ended some very lucky Starlights received their polaroid photos which they took selcas on the stage and pick the winners by lucky draw. And my sister and I almost get N's but 1155 received it hmmm our no: 1153, 1154. ㅠㅠ

After that, a VCR was shown on the screen to of course spare some time to change their outfits. But wait again, they played the games in their next outfit which is the one I mentioned that they change during the VCR. So probably the game is after this? Hahaha sorry this post is sooo random now. I can't remember the sequences but I remember what they did so that was okay tho ㅋㅋㅋ And I know that I really enjoyed it!

VCR ended and they performed Shangri-La till Voodoo Doll. I think the game was between these performances. They said their goodbyes after Voodoo Doll but we all knew that as long as the light is still dim means there'll be more stages heee. Yeap, after they changed to their comfy favourite shirt which has their names on it... they performed Heaven and Love Equation for encore and goodbye stage! 

Andddd kkeut! ㅠㅠ DONE! 

But yassss! I bought VIP1 ticket which entitles us to get a photo op and we were just waiting for our turn after VIP2s hi-touch session. 

Annddd this is the most fun part! Haha. My Starlights mutual and I kept trying to be the last group for the photo op which they divided us into 15 per group and luckily our group has 14 people and we get to be in one group and we at least were the 2nd last group to take photo.

Each of us already decided to sit in front of our fav member and me and another mutual loves Ravi so we calmly sit in front of him saying 'I want Ravi' 'I want Ravi' and my sister which had taken her place in front of N (luckily N was at the other end which fits her position to be the one who was the first in line) and watched both of us like making fuss (not trouble but a cute one hahah cause a staff said we need to move cannot sit randomly haha) and she said both Hongbin and Ken also watched us and also said 'I want Ravi too' lol and she also said Ravi was watching us with a shy smile you know how he smile shyly if you know him :p. BUT YEAY! BOTH OF US WERE SO HAPPY THAT ALMOST ALL NOTICED US BECAUSE OF THAT 'INCIDENT' ESPECIALLY RAVIIIII ARGGHHHH! Then we accepted that we need to move so we move and sat in front of N and Hongbin and we got to talk a bit to them while waiting for other mutuals to take their place and and I waved to Hakyeon and he smiled and waved back! :o After shots, we need to go and I send a hearteu to Ravi and he saw me too and well other members looked at me too cause I just showed to them and wave as well before getting dragged and slightly pushed by the guards haha but we just got up from the seats. How can we be far already? heol~ Finally, ended for real.. Anyway, that was fun and yeah I'm excited for this part that's why it's such a long paragraph hahahaha

Oh! Actually I guess every VIXX members except Leo (I think) noticed me from the stage cause of my seating arrangement (look at the photo above). There was no one in front of me like literally.. my seat wasn't parallel with the front ones so it's like omg omg you know~~~ haha

I guess that's all! I'm still sooo excited and getting to feel the post concert feel already which can last for weeks! ㅠㅠ Thank God it's Friday!

Fact: I bought the ticket a day before the show cause we originally didn't plan to go as it was all standing but a week before the show they announced that VIPs will be seated so yeah, can't ignore no more!

Pants: HnM
Accessories and Bag: Bershka, Lovisa and ZARA

Will update the photo we took when they posted already! ^^
Oh and my VLOG --> VIXX VLOG

Special thanks to uri omma appa for trusting us and giving us the chance again! muah! :*

late and bad quality some more..hmmm


Let's Vogue-ing,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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