September Haul

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hi readers,

I'm back again (oo oo! It sounded like the beginning of a song hehe)! September is nearing its end and that means my favourite month is gonna leave me soon. ㅠㅜ This month started a bit rough 'cause something just spoilt it. heh. How dare!? But I had some fun too at the beach riding I tried to make it better and seems like it can end beautifully...yeah!

Straight to the point, here's a little something of what I got throughout the month till of today (170927-11.40AM):

Like FINALLY! This Aesop Deodorant is in my hands. I got to know about it from my friend who loves to use this and then recommended it to me. I've used it once 'cause I'm still trying to get used to it... then, I've bought a new hair clip as the old fav one fell into the water during my boat(?) ride.. lol i forgot the name of the water sports I played (DEFINITELY NOT BOAT) but it just makes us jumped here and there,,,haha. I also bought few copic markers in the shades of pink and I realised that all the items I bought that day was so colour coordinated.. so, why not a picture right?

As for these, I got it around 2 weeks ago? Or like 1 week + ago... Bought the infamous volcanic mask mainly for my dad and you know girls... extra items must come together,too. xD. That's why we have the colour clay mask which is a popular item,too and also the body cleanser (I realised I really need it 'cause the one at home is almost out!). The Orchid Kit is received as a membership benefit.

So far, I've used the colour clay mask once and it feels alright and light on my face! Gotta love it. 

My Birthday Gift that I claimed the next day because the KLCC branch was out of stock of it. I went to Velocity Mall branch just to get it in case the month ended before I realise I haven't claim it yet. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE GIFTSET! The packaging is so cute. OH! I need to go claim the one at Sephora, too! 

Thank you Innisfree. 
* this is not a sponsored post xD


Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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