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Saturday, October 28, 2017

안녕 - Hello - Bonjour readers,

Finally, today I officially ended my IU Diet Challenge. It's not a real challenge but I made it as a challenge for myself! Some asked me what is IU Diet? So, IU Diet is a diet which we believe IU (the korean singer) has been practicing or doing for her diet. That's it. heee

I saw a youtuber did this but I'm sure a lot tried it, too and I also wanted to try and feel how it is. By that, I tried it for a week (5 days only which is the weekdays) and it's not too bad though. But the youtuber I mentioned above, she tried it for a week which is 7 days and she said she felt weak starting the 3rd day cause she used to eat a lot as she is a foodie. I'm a foodie too tbh but I think because I do control the amount I take so I didn't really feel that drastic change in strength while doing this diet but I do keep hearing my stomach 'screaming' quite a lot. XD And it also makes me keep waiting for my next meal time.

I only eat an apple a day (breakfast/snack), 고구마 (go-gu-ma) or a sweet potato (lunch) and a protein bar to exchange it with protein drink (dinner)

I lost around 3kg but I'm not sure if its from this diet or because it's already the ending of my monthly period. lol. But I think it kinda works as the youtuber said she too did lose 3kg of her weight! :o

Just eat what you need to eat (the menu stated above) and do not do not do not forget to exercise! It can help you lose some weight too. Why? Because the first 2 days I exercised normally like I usually did and it made me lost around 1kg+ already! But because after the 2nd day, I wasn't so comfortable to exercise (you know why) so I did 'lazily' and it only made me lose about 500g-... hmmm

It's a YAS but also a NU-UH. Because I think it's a good one BUT just for a short term which I'd call it an Emergency Diet Plan. You can do this if you think you really need to lose some weight in a short period. It's also a NU-UH because I don't really think it's good for long term one and it feels like you purposely starved yourself and I too was afraid I'd get gastric but thank God it went smoothly. 
*I'm not forcing people to do it or saying it's a good diet plan. Please refer to your nutritionist for better and proper diet plan.*

+ A really good point the youtuber said was 'How can IU did this and exercise without putting enough fuel?'. She's such a busy working artist but she still manages to practice this diet which is really incredible. As for me, I didn't really felt as weak as the youtuber because I'm not a really active working person where I need to go here and there as I'm only working at home and my job isn't really that heavy unless for some seasons (the fashion show seasons). My job is a bit more relax than IU's and the youtuber so yeah can't really compare.

Just trying to see whether it really works and I saw a youtuber did it and also some other youtubers so I said 'Why not? Let's try!' and I'm also working out to lose some weight to my desired number (more to maintaining though hehe).

Maybe. If I need it. As I said before, it has now become my Emergency Diet Plan

It has been a good week and I still can do my works normally except exercising cause that 'monthly friend' decided to say hello in the middle of my experiment. haha and I might try Suzy's Diet next! If I feel like it. :) I'll update about it if I ever do it. :)

Oh! Here's the youtuber's channel which I kept mentioning in the post. ^^
She is *drum rolls* Soo Beauty ! *박수*


Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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