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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sore temen-temen semuanya,

Even though my opening clause is written in Indo, I won't fully write this post in Bahasa as some of you mightn't understand it.. So yeah... \/

I just came back from the Island of Paradise, Bali (again). As you all know (especially my blog readers and followers), I've been to Bali few years back and this made me be in Bali for the 2nd time already! :) Last visit was back in November 2015, I went there for a business trip but this time, it was for my bestie's big day!! So happy for her. She's the same person I had a deal with last trip...heee.

2015 vs 2017

With who? 
2015: with family
2017: also with family (my classmates in university who feels like a family, too!)

2015: 151129 - 151201
2017: 171117 - 171121

It's almost exactly 2 years!

2015: DDDD x MissPoly 
2017: Bestie getting married! It also became our 2-in-1 trip which meant also for holiday that we always wanted to have since graduating. ^^

What does MADD stands for?
It stands for our names which is Maine, Aida, Dhara and Dayana! And can also be for Mad cause we're so crazyyy during this trip! Hahah

Reached there around 5 and the bride-to-be and her mom fetched us at the airport! They also treated us dinner at Solaria, Lvl21 Mall. Thank you tante <3
After dinner, we went to get some necessities which we couldn't really find (adaptor, we forgot that Indo's switches are different haha) so we bought sandals and some bottled water. All of us bought new sandals cause our feets hurt from the shoes we wore. lol. As for me, my shoes are new and it was the first time wearing it that's why it kinda hurt~~ Oh! And thanks to Tania's fiancé, we got a 'souvenir' which is the adaptor! weehee~
DAY 2 
Breakfast at Mahana Hotel > Yanyan Silver > Batik Place > Lunch by the Mountain at one of the Kintamani Restaurant > Passed by Tegallalang Paddy Terrace (it was raining) > Dream Catcher Place otw to Ubud Market > Ubud Market > Supposedly to Jimbaran but we couldn't make it haha > Dinner by the Pool (Delivery Food by Gojek but it took us 3 hours! Cause most of the places were closed? But we ordered at like 7PM! --')

Day 2 was good except the dinner part! I meant to order the dinner... The food was good especially the Martabak..i'm crying...been craving for it as I used to always eat it everytime I go to Bandung for Martabak Unyil. Thanks to Sharmaine's parents for the transportation! Her lil bro was sooooo entertaining, too. XD

Breakfast at Mahana > Kuta to pick up Maine's mom and lil bro > Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple > Lunch at Malioboro Ayam Tulang Lunak > Krishna Ole-Ole Bali > Back to Mahana > Tania's Wedding at Pondok Kuring

Day 3 was great minus the driver's behaviour who asked for more payments! huh. But night time was even greater with Tania's wedding party...

Tania's Reception: She looks sooo pretty and we love her dress (psst, her mom sewn her wedding dress :')) 

Thanks to her photographer for the candid photos and also cool boomerangs! Now I know how to make the gif move from side to side. I meant the things can move along too! (see 2nd gif ^)

OOTD: Mixed matching my mom's kebaya top with my kebaya skirt + Lyn Sling Bag + My fav shawl + Zara's Platform Shoes + LKW Fashion Club Flower Headband + Lovisa's Pearl Long Earring

I was also asked by the host 'Apakah seorang Tania?'. Then I did only answer that she's a persistent person and that she has the leadership characteristics in herself. I can give more tapi ga tau lah ya maybe grogi atau apalah but for sure ga grogi just blank aja pas ditanya gitu. Mungkin because we were too busy taking selfies and like having fun without making our brain works too much. haha. I was asked like that because her mom told the host that I'm her bestfriend (yes, I am but yaaa pokoknya ga tau deh kenapa jadi gitu xD) So, because I'm not satisfied with the answer I gave that night... lemme tell you here.

Q: Apakah seorang Tania?
A: She's persistent and has that leadership characteristic in her. Dia positive banget and always try to stick to her decision whatever people saying, suka bantu2, suka sharing, seorang yang caring, pengertian, ramah, artistic, lucu and she knows her style well. I'm pretty sure masih banyak kok tapi yah sampe disini aja dulu ya... hehe.

DAY 4 (last day ㅠㅜ)
Breakfast at Mahana > Checkout > Indomaret otw to Airport > Ngurah Rai Airport > KLIA2 

Favourite Moment(s)?
+ Every night time which we'll say it ' Time to open our bank'~ We'll re-balance our expenses with our balance money and if we need to pay anything to anyone we'll do it during this time. 
+ Every moment from the beginning of our journey except some of the grab driver's bad impression and also the management.
+ Of course, our bestie's big day! Our main event to go to Bali... we really enjoyed the moments there and it was so sad to bid farewell to her that night~~ Cause we'll be in different lands the next day...that was why and we just met again after years after graduated from school. ㅠㅜ

Again... Congratulations Tania & Jordy on your wedding! <3 


Sampe ketemu di next post,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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