Monday, January 8, 2018


We finally meet in 2018! This would be a good post to be the first post of the year... Cause it's gonna be sooo pretty and dreamy and cute and 'aesthetic' post lol. But my photos won't be sooo of it cause I was in rush yesterday... Actually, I was thinking to do a 2018 resolution post but I'm not sure whether I want to or not so that's why it's pending.

Enough with that, let's head straight to the main character of this post which is???

Dream Color 
(A pretty claimed to be instagrammable drink with its dreamy colour and packaging and skills)

Available in Malaysia but originated from Taiwan with the name of Dream Cool

They said Dream Color is inspired from the Aurora Lights in the North Pole and the main ingredient is 100% Butterfly Pea Flowers which is combined with teas and juices serves in bottles. More cool info, it is 100% colouring and preservatives FREE! All those colourings are from natural colour from fruits and flowers. They have 4 series: Butterfly Series, Fruit Series, Cloud Series and Tea Series. Besides than all natural, they are also high in anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties. So, pretty drinks pretty self too! :)

+ First is because of course the colours and so cute
+ Another one is because of its menu! It makes me more attracted because of the names of the drinks haha.. so VIXX-Starlight related. Pardon me but yeah. They won over me because of the names! XD If you're a Starlight I advised you to look at the Butterfly Series name!  
+ One more, the uncle was so 'semangat' to explain and show and all to us heee

I get myself 2 drinks cause my mom let me have two :) They are Twilight and Milkyway. My mom got herself an Italy (Matcha, Milk and Strawberry and the colour looks like an Italy flag that's why)

They are so delicious Im not kidding.. so my style! 딱 좋아! So, it's not just their presentation is good but both with its taste too! Even my mom said her drink is good so its acknowledged (its hard for my mom to give a thumbs up so yeah).

Even the uncle removed the tester drinks for me to take photo here haha. He wanted to take photo of me but I just wanna take photo of the drinks heee. Thank you uncle!

Even received a light up strawberry keychain XD

psstt: I have a funny story to tell relating to these cuties. I actually FELL! Fell just to save my drinks and ehem myself too actually lol. So, heading back to the car at the parking lot and suddenly a butterfly came and fly near me and was flying around me which made me try to avoid it and ran in circle. Unfortunately, I slip a bit from my platform sandal which made me fell. More funny is that I was holding two drinks in my hand and was trying really hard to save them from falling and keep it safe from broken or anything haha. Ok that's all. ㅋㅋㅋ But i was just wondering cause everytime I fell or hurt it must be on the left side.. that's a mystery woo~

A bit more about them:

Oh! It's not a sponsored post btw ^^ 


Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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