Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pagi temen-temen (it's still morning by the time I wrote this sentence)...

I'm gonna share my exciting week happened last week. But I'm so sad it ended so fast and now I'm still in that dreamy-dreamy phase. Today, marks a week from the first day we flew off to that place (will reveal soon) and exactly 3 days after we got back here... Ah...udah kangen nih..gimana dong?

So...... *drum rolls* I went to Jakarta, my 2nd home like finally after almost 9 years I left for good.

Yuk! Baca terus buat tau kemana aja yang aku pergi.

180131 (D-Day to Jakarta)

Waiting at the Boarding Room
First thing first, once we reached the hotel we check-in and then off to Grand Indo for this! I've been craving this for years: Bakmi GM my fav!

Back home and got to witness the Super Blue Blood Moon until it fully disappeared because of Eclipse phenomena but then after that we can't really see it cause it was such a cloudy night and the clouds covered the Moon. Have no photos of it but I did record it (I might include it in our vlog: yes, there may be a video soon on my trip!)

180201 (2nd Day - Bandung)

To Cihampelas (then we found booths selling Makuta Bandung by Laudya Cynthia Bella and also Kunafe by Irfan Hakim and Omesh) > Makan > Princess Cake by Syahrini > Donatello (our fav shoes boutique) > Kartika Sari  (our fav brownies place) More about the kuehs in vlog (hopefully haha)!

Meet our friendly Pak Ali, a manager at our 5 years home of Jakarta, The Ascott Jakarta Pusat. Yes, we stayed here at the hotel and make it as our home haha

And yeap I told you in my IG Story that my kind of wisata is a wisata kuliner which means its a food travel. haha that's why we got a lot of food. What to do when you want to eat a lot in such a short time right?

180202 (3rd Day - Bogor)

To Taman Safari (we took hours there to enjoy it and plus we went to see shows and also the newly added giant pandas so cute omg! Eventhough I've been there a lot of times before but still it's always not boring like my brother said) > Rain Cake by Shireen Sungkar > Makan

It's like saying "I'm done with life!" HAHA

Reminder: Please anticipate for my vlog! I hope I have the will to edit the videos. lol. there were a lot. I might make it into episodes like one of my fav youtuber does.

180203 (4th Day - Jakarta)

To Sarinah (fav batik heaven or souvenir place) > Garuda for Makan and ketemu my dad's colleague, Pak Sulis and fam > Grandlucky (fav grocery store cause they have a lot of things and less people there but now so crowded already) > SiSeSa > Ngedate sama Vinny

180204 (Last Day - To KL)

We did go to Thamrin City in the morning and also briefly met up with our used to be supir, Pak Yono and fam > Bandara Soekarno Hatta > KL

End of my Jakarta trip photos and story...

Mission Accomplished! Getting our fav snacks from fav store.

This is sooo good! I can eat the whole box in just few minutes. Got this from a bakery at Grand Indo... nearby to Gramedia right in front of Localstrunk booth.
My OOTD for the trip here we gooo:
1: Baseball Cap (REDEYE) + Oversized Sweatshirt Dress (ZARA) + Legging (Miss Whatever) + Tassel Bag (LKW Fashion Club) + Shoes (Vincci)
2: Headband (LKW Fashion Club) + White Shirt (ZARA) + Pants (HnM) + Tassel Bag (LKW Fashion Club) + Shoes (Vincci)
3: Pink Sweatshirt (MIXXO) + Pants (HnM) + Tassel Bag (LKW Fashion Club) + Shoes (Vincci)

1: Baseball Cap (REDEYE) + Black Shawl (Vincci) + Black Shirt (MIXXO) + Pants (HnM) + Tassel Bag (LKW Fashion Club) + Shoes (Vincci)
2: Same as 1 but without Baseball Cap (REDEYE) + Black Shawl (Vincci)
3: Headband (REDEYE) + Yellow Shirt (Miss Whatever) + Pink Plaid Dress (HnM) +  Legging (Miss Whatever) + Tassel Bag (LKW Fashion Club) + Shoes (Vincci)
Psst: I brought my white pants but my 'friend' visited me so I can't wear white pants for safety hence all the pants OOTD is only the black one xD Oh and when I went to Grand Indo wearing the 1st set from the 2nd row photos (black shirt with cap), I can feel and see people staring at I thought it's normal? 

I can't believe it really ended! I'm in the middle of those post vacation mode. Happy but sad ya know...


Your used to be Jakarta homegirl,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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