MYStarlight Day '18

Monday, November 5, 2018

안녕 친구들~~ Annyeong chingudeul~~
It's been a month since the event of Starlight Day in Malaysia. I was contemplating whether to post the video of it or not which finally made me write about it now. I wanna release the vlog of it but I find it nauseous. Lol, I made a mistake where I turn to certain angle quite fast and it'll make us feel dizzy even myself haha but now I think I'll just release it cause why not? I'll make a better video next time!

Oh btw, the event was an exhibition of a collection of VIXX's related stuff that includes their albums, photo books, official fan club goods from the first batch till now and also photos taken by the masternims~~ and it was organized by VDC, MY Jaehwan and also VMS.

Enjoy the snaps I managed to capture down here then \/ \/ \/

Very little indeed cause I took quite a lot of video shots. So maybe you can try to check it out here: #MYStarlightDay'18 
I'm warning you that it might make you dizzy so yeah just a caution here haha *sorry if my video made you dizzy heee

That's all for this post. A really quick 'summary' post of the event. Thank you to the organizers for organizing this exhibition. Had a fun Saturday with all of the Starlights! I especially LOVE LOVE the corner that exhibited the calendars on the island (the only place I posed at ^ ^ ^) and the bonus point is that the lighting is sooooo nice. Loving the vibe of that corner.

God, one more thing is that I realllly wanted to get that vinyl record of Love Letter but idk where >.<

Till we meet again Starlights~


A star among the shining stars,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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