January in a February

Friday, February 8, 2019

Hello... good morning guys... I’m writing this while I’m having a family gathering here at Limastiga. It’s breakfast time now but I can’t really take anything in but here I am eating a sandwich cookie just to try to fill in my stomach.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be written on the latest of 31st January cause I was planning to write what happened in that specific month for at least once a month. Like a ‘summary’ post of January or February and so on. But if there’s anything special or extra I would definitely make another post for it, too.

So, January was quite good. As usual, we celebrated, NO, the whole world celebrated my dad’s birthday as it falls on the 1st day of the year. We just did a simple celebration of prize giving and cake cutting on the eve and went for a very humble but enjoyable and nice lunch just where my dad loves. Curious about the place? It’s one of the restaurants at RnR Mambau! Yes, you read it right.. just at an RnR. But what matters is the birthday boy enjoys it, right? Haha.

What else did we do yeah? Gosh, that’s why I need to write this post asap when it ends. Lol. Cause *ok wait gotta go for games. Brb. 8:34 am.*
Oh hello, I’m back. It’s 12:09 pm right now and I’m waiting for lunchtime. 

Where were we? Oh, we had quite a few days of public holiday and so January passed by so fast with those holidays. Then, four of us, my parents, my second older sister (Kira) and I went to Ipoh, Perak to attend the wedding of Kira’s school friend.

Stayed at Perak for a night and being a tourist the next day. Went to Kellie’s Castle for the first time and the feel is very sad for me idk why. Next, we found an old tin dredge place (Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge No 5) so we visited it to see how it operates and such. Oh! After the wedding, we checked into our hotel and went for a walk at the infamous Concubine Lane and took photos there. 

Had a great visit to Perak. Btw, we stayed at Weil Hotel just beside Ipoh Parade and it was the bomb (for now). I meant it’s good for a hotel outside KL. We got a room on the executive floor so we were allowed to have breakfast and hi-tea at a specific eating place on the same floor which was just right in front of our room. The food was on the premium side but of course, I loved it more! Haha. They were pretty delish. Will definitely stay there again next time I’m back at Ipoh unless we found another good hotel.

Hi-tea menu for Floor 12.

The dishes for breakfast. They provided more but these are all I can take cause it's still quite early. hehe but yeah we can go to the public breakfast place downstairs but we just like it here. We were full, too with these choices.

This is so helpful for tourist. Good thing they provided this.

Aha. I finally remember one thing I've done in January, too. Which was meeting my Jakarta school friends like finally after a decade. lol. It was awkward at first but we had fun after. Hopefully, we can meet again next time. As I typed this sentence, I'm missing them already. 

This was our dinner. It was pretty funny as us (Alya and I are Malaysians) never tried this and our Jakarta homegirl, Athaya was the one suggesting us this and let us know which flavour is good. haha
*post finished written on Wednesday 6 but I’ve transferred the photos so they are not in my icloud anymore need to wait to be back home
**btw, I did post a new year post but I just don't quite feel it so I deleted it. There was supposed to be another post before this one just so ya know. ^^


Till next post,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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