Southern Trip 1.0: JB

Monday, February 11, 2019

As I told you in the previous post if there are any special things happening I'd be posting an extra post specifically just for it. So, here's one of them. First of all, hello again and welcome back! This will be the 2nd post in the month of February but would be the first one for February. Hope you get what I meant. hehe.
Last Saturday (190202) was the mark for the beginning of our one week holiday (almost?) as the Lunar New Year falls on Tuesday and Wednesday and so the schools received a whole week of public holidays. 

We first went to Johor cause my oldest sister held an event similar to a baby shower but it's called Aqiqah for a newborn baby. That was the main point we were there but it was on Sunday so we were planning to go to Singapore for a Chilli Crab dinner lol kidding but maybe not but the side was not ours that day. Cause the train ticket was fully booked! We then decided to just go for a cafe hoping in JB as they have a lot of fancy and cute cafes there. Btw, 'we' for the cafe hoping story is my lil brother, my older sister and I. Our parents couldn't follow for a personal reason. 

With the help of Google, we found a lot of cute cafes but we just can't go to all of them in a day. So, we'll continue next time we're there again. heee

The first cafe is Bev C. I really really 진짜 정말 LOVE LOVE this place. It's not just a cafe but it's a boutique cafe. Yes, a boutique where we can buy designer pieces, too. The cafe is on the top floor and the boutique is placed downstairs. I fell in love with the pieces. They were soooo my style. The pieces include the one from these designers; Cassey Gan, Kozo, Jimmy Lim. If I have extra money at that time, I guess I would grab at least one of them. haha. but also because we reached there at 1830 so we have to hurry and order as they actually close at 1900. We got the info wrong thinking they'll close at 2300.

Bev C, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee (Bazaar Johor: at night it'll be a night market so only certain cafes are open.)
What we eat?
Ham & Cheese Charcoal Croissant and Charcoal Toast (MUST TRY! Both were drizzled with honey and as a person who doesn't eat honey, they were pretty good. It blends well with the other ingredients. Not weird at all.)

Next, went to Chaiwalla & Co to try for its infamous teas! If Bev C is on your left, this would be on your right. Just walk straight from Bev C till you found a centre where you can see a stage and a lot of food stalls there. 

Chaiwalla & Co, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee (Bazaar Johor: at night it'll be a night market so only certain cafes are open.)
What we get?
Chai Latte, Raspberry Tea, Original Thai Milk Tea with Bubbles and Brownies with Salted Caramel Sauce and Ice Cream (MUST TRY! Oh, the Raspberry Tea is filled with pop pops too haha and the Chai Latte tasted like cinnamon a bit but still good. For the milk tea, what more to say. ^^)

Along this street, you can find most of the top cafes so make sure to get your stomach ready and plan your meals so that you won't be too full to try them all. And yes, be there early to avoid them closes before you. There's another street behind this which is also full of cafes included Shakespeare's Milkshake, The Ice Cream Project, KONE. We wanted to go there before we headed back home but we just have no time for it ㅠㅠ You can try for us in the meantime. hehe. We'll be there next time.

Psst: Check out my little cafe hoping vlog here

Oh! Another thing we did after cafe hoping was having a walk at the night market and we did a henna! Here's mine. ^^
On Sunday... Aqiqah for the 'latest' Zara. xD
This is the first Zara.
Then we went to the beach just behind my BIL's house and we found this place!
Weee.. so, we did some photo shoots.

OOTD of my modernised traditional look:
Baju Kurung Pahang (bespoke from my line: DDDD), Beret (ZARA), Favourite shawl (can't remember from where but H&M used to have it in store), Bucket bag and Shoes (Coach), Rings (H&M and REDEYE), Bracelet (handmade), Earring (Lovisa)

Our day ended just like that as we went back to the hotel quite late. The next day in JB, we had breakfast and checked out of the hotel then to Malacca we go! Please anticipate my next post as it's the continuation of this journey. See ya!


See you on our next date,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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