Southern Trip 2.0: Malacca

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

2 weeks have passed since my Malacca trip. So, here's another post in continuation with my previous post, too! We stayed at 2 different places there. Why? It's because our main event at Malacca was a family gathering at Limastiga on Tuesday but since we came straight from JB on Monday, we decided to stay at Rosa Melaka for a night. Let the journey begin...

Reached Rosa and take a rest till 1800 then playing tourist again at Jonker Street Night Market! 
Do check out my short Jonker vlog.
We strolled around Jonker for about 3 laps haha from the main gate to the back gate back and forth. Why? First, we did just take a look around at the stalls (and some were still preparing), then the second one we bought things that caught our eyes! The last lap was to go buy Nyonya Pineapple Tart which the shop was at the other end and after that we luckily found a cafe that we know to get our dinner. Miyakori Cafe was it. We had been eyeing on this in JB but the rizk to try it was at the Jonker branch I guess ^^ Photos of reception and breakfast place is from my father.

Back from Jonker. Did a photo shoot in the hallway just in front of our room! Sempat. Lol.

Oh! Here's a little interior of Rosa Melaka. The vibe was sooooo good! It was like we're in Chicago or New York with the rustic design they offered. From the lobby which they called Lounge and it's on the ground floor where the reception floor is on the first together with their cafe and breakfast place. Next is the interior of the room we stayed in: Family Suite. They even have a prayer room and a gym on the last floor but we didn't go even though it was just a floor above us. For sure, we will definitely stay there again next time unless it changes its quality. 

ALERT: I made a room/ hotel tour video here : Rosa Melaka
DAY 2 - DAY 4
Stayed at Limastiga but unfortunately, I didn't really have any photos of it. Hmmm. My lense filter shattered into pieces and it was then time for the next game which I'm participating in heee. Wanna know whether I won or lost? Go finish up the previous video (hotel tour) and find out about it there. 
These rocks made me a...! Have you found out what the answer is? Note that, I haven't played this game called Batu Seremban for years man! I can't recall when was the last. And I didn't even know that 7 stones game exist! I meant, I only knew we play it with 5 stones.

Psst.. not to badmouth the place or anything but we saw a rat at Rumah Satu of Limastiga. At first, I saw it during the game session in the morning... I saw it running on the roof but wasn't so sure whether it really is a rat or just a squirrel but later that night my sister and I went to that house and saw it running on the ceiling. I asked my sister if it was indeed a rat and she said yes cause of the tail! Other than that, it was a great stay and I love our villa block since it feels a bit private and Idk just loving the feel there. The layout is pretty, too. BUT! The noise from the road is quite bad for the upper floor than the lower floor(asked my parents who stayed downstairs and they said it was okay). I think they need to do something with it. Ah yes, almost forgot... and the mosquitoes, too. Prepare yourselves with the needs.


Playing tourist,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)


  1. I actually take a peak throughout the toilet window that one time and what I saw was very disappointing. I thought I might see the neighbouring house or some view, instead I saw a pile of rubbish! Like everything (I suspect the trash from the house after people leaving) was thrown at the back of the house. I am not surprised if you said the was a mouse at the house tbh.

    1. Oh gosh! That's bad! Yeah now it makes sense~ they didn't keep their area clean and it might be dangerous though cause the rats might go to the pools! 😧