Magnificent March.

Sunday, March 31, 2019


I think this will be the first of the monthly posts that I'm really writing on the last day of the month. Right? heee. So, initially, I didn't know that March would be an important, challenging, adventurous and fun month cause I expected it to be just plain and nothing much would happen. But, I was wrong as few events happened enough to be recorded in my monthly post.

First, one of my 'bros' engagement day took place in the 3rd week of the month. It was a really fun experience. I was so nervous, excited and curious for it was my first time to be there at a non-Malay ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony and of course, my 'bro' looks pretty! As I learn, it was a bit more complicated than the Malays'. The main ceremony took about an hour and a half for it to be completed. And and I just knew that they have so many hantarans too (I know I know maybe some of you knew but not me). Most were full of traditional sweets and fruits from what I can see. The plates were big so the sweets are quite a lot and they shared it with the guests. They even have a pelamin. It was beautiful, too. 

*bro: we call each other bro when we were in uni but she's a girl. xD

The second was recent, just this passed weekdays. We had an urgent order from DS Maria Farida (an actress) for a dress and also a cake for her birthday party last Thursday. We managed to complete them in less than a week as we received the order last Sunday. It was a hectic, thrilling and adventurous but fun experience. We were so relieved that they turned out well. Oh! After we saw the photos that she uploaded on her IG then we realised that ours are actually the spotlight items. >o< What do you think of the dress and cake?

So, that was pretty it for this month. Wait, I think there's something else. Ha! It was also the month of doing my favourite thing: ART! hehe. I brought my sister to accompany me for a Batik Class! It was done earlier in the month if I'm not mistaken. Note that, we have zero knowledge for it but we managed to do a great job I can say (not a self-compliment but even the teacher acknowledged us haha). We now know how to do tie-dye and also mencanting. Really, a fun day.

I guess it's really the end of this post now. How's yours? ^^


Enjoyed her fun March,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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