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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Oh hello there singles... Did you put on your best black outfit today? I wore black but it's just my casual daily look. Nothing special for today. But at least it's black right? Even now, I'm wearing my black lounging shirt. Oh! Have you had your 자짱면 too? 
Back to the point, so I had these shoots done on early Feb but haven't posted about it yet. Thought of posting about it for new year or valentine but I missed them so yeah and suddenly I'm reminded of today cause coincidentally the pieces are black. Well, there's a lil bit of red and white but...

[ Me and ma girl, Fiza did a style swap intended for christmas gifts but things made us postponed it and we received them by the new year. So, these pieces are from her: stripe top and pants + gold necklace. Others are mine. ]

Blvck Day Styling:
- Top and pants (H&M): the pants were of more towards a legging side for me so I won't wear it just like a pant next time. I decided to put on my brother's shirt as a cover. I've been eyeing for it before we decided to make this gift swap but made up my mind not to get it as I know it'll be a bit like a legging.
- Gold chain necklace (H&M)
- Outer shirt and shoes (ZARA)
- Fanny pack (Puma)
- Rings, earrings, bracelet (REDEYE + H&M + Lovisa + self-made)
- Bucket hat (Ireneisgoodlabel)

!! We agreed to swap items from H&M as they're affordable and their styles are quite decent. This is a challenge for us to style each other with our own opinion and what kind of style we want to see on each of us or if the items we bought for each other suits. (Means something like do we know each other well etc and plus we both loves fashion so this kind of gift swaps excites us!) 

I was quite surprised when the mail came in as the top looks so small! Lol, but surprisingly it fits me. Yeah my size is either XS or S depends on cutting or brand but I love to buy bigger size nowadays cause I love the oversized effect and that's why Fiza won't get me the loose silhouette maybe? xD And as for her, I bought per my style and also what I want to see her in is, of course, my fav style: oversized piece. To complete her look, I bought a striped t-shirt too (not oversized) and also a beanie. Wanna know specifically how they look? Let's ask Fiza to post about it, shall we? :p !!

Overall, I love this styling! And also because they are black, too? hehe what do you guys think?

.HAPPY 14th of APRIL.


Blvck Day Bestfriend,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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