Mon Formidable Eid!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Eid Mubarak readers! I know, I know it's been a week since Syawal started but yes it is still the month of Eid now~ 

I planned to write a few days before Eid last week but I was really busy~ made alterations for last minute clients. emm but fuhh that feeling when I was finally free and totally done with it was undescribable. It was just ahhhh. lol

So, where have I been missing this past week of Syawal?

D - day: In the morning, as usual cleaning the house and prepare the table for foods! Had a quick family photoshoots then 'salam-salam' haha. Went for short Raya strolls before heading back to grandma's. To my uncle's place afterwards then gave ourselves some chance to watch Aladdin at the cinema. xD
Tried new filters with grains~
Everyone in DDDD's outfit.
*missing in photo is our older brother.
D2 - D5: At grandma's town.

D3: Somehow got a free time so we (my siblings and I) went to KB for cafe hoping! But we only managed to go to one only cause the time was limited as it was Friday. Went to Tiny Elephant Co. for some quick bites and desserts and Kopi Mesin (to try some cakes from an Ig baker we knew but luck wasn't on our side that day. Her cakes were unavailable.hmm) Later that evening, went for Raya strolls again.

Soft serves: Hokaido Milk with 2 toppings (that's mine right there hehe)  & Classic Tiramisu
Drinks: Humble Lemonade & Iced Chocolate (not in photo)
Foods: Berries Pancake, Salted Egg Chicken Tenders, Boba Pancake, Smoked Duck Pizza
They were all so delish! I did not eat the pizza but my sister said it's nice! ^^
*didn't had the chance to take proper ootd photo but this will do :)
Seen in photo: Tassle shawl + Naughty hairclip + Redeye and HnM rings + H**** necklace and bangle + Coach bucket bag + Batik skirt + Forever 21 boho sandals
D4: Main reason as to why we went back this year and had to leave my lil bro alone. It was my cousin's wedding day~ Congratulations!
Just ignore that blue slippers yeah? Haha
/\ Details \/
Seen in photo: Fav shawl + Naughty hairclip (finally, dipake juga jepitnya. My mom bought it for me to wear for my schooldays in Jakarta but ga pernah dipake lol. Luckily disimpan, kan jadi bisa dipake sekarang.) + HnM shades + Limkokwing Fashion Club love mini bag + DDDD ruffled dress + ZARA platform shoes
Evening change after a refreshing shower and to gather again at grandma's after the event.
Seen in photo: Fav headband and shawl + HnM shades + ZARA babydoll top from mummy + Coach bucket bag + Forever 21 harem pants
D5: Went to K. Terengganu for Raya strolls.
No ootd photo or anything related on that day but oh yeah just remember that we went to the newly open 'london bridge' of Terengganu hehe. And just a photo of us Facetiming with lil bro and also the photo of the bridge.

D6: Back at home sweet home!

That was pretty much it for my first week of Eid I guess? How's yours? 
Psst: It was also the month of my parents' anniversary :10th June! 축하합니다~ 축하합니다~ To more lovely and happy journey~
Love love! Both in my clothing line: DDDD. 😍

Maaf Lahir & Batin,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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