Septembre, Mon Mois et Wedding Thingz

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Fuhhh. That's quite a title haha.

As you all know from the previous post (that's if you've read it)... September is my fav month of all. Cause yeah, it's my birthday month and also my brand's. Another one added to the list is my niece's haha. Her date is earlier than mine. If I were to arrange it respectively, it would be my niece's > my brand's > MINE! Okay, I wrote a special post for it previously so go read it if you haven't already.

Next is... such a busy and memorable month for me as two of my close girls got married! Awww. It was Dhara on the 2nd and Fiza on the 21st~

I was so looking forward to Dhara's (and of course Fiza's but both have different reasons) cause honestly, it was my first attend to other race's (of Malaysia) wedding and it's an Indian wedding. I've been amazed throughout her engagement day last time so I wanted to see how it is for the wedding ceremony but unfortunately, my other girls, Aida and Maine, and I misunderstood the timing given on the card. haha. So we missed it :( but luckily we still can go for the performances and taking photos together with the bride and groom. Fascinated I was! The wedding was beautiful~ and I love the dessert they served. It has grated coconuts I think. I asked Dhara's mom the name but I forgot it heee.

Look at the hall. So huge~
/\ Instagram \/

Seen on me:
Boho Dress (from Makkah), fav shawl, choker (Lovisa), headpiece + earrings (Jonker St.), rings (H&M),  Indian bangles (I forgot), handbag (Coach)
/\ Hands posed like that to cover my double chin haha \/
Oh! The headpiece and also earrings are one of them that I got from Jonker St. the one I've mentioned before.. heee

One with Dhara's mummy on the stage~ Otw to Dhara for photo sessions hehe
Dhara shoo pretty!
/\ Reality \/
One with Maine's mummy~
The next wedding story is.... dugum dugum dugummmm (drum sounds lol)... Fizaaaaa! Also the one I 'm looking forward to cause I had a duty of a bridesmaid andddd she asked me to give a speech on her big day. Excited but nervous heee. Want to see how I did it? See here on my FB post. Anyway, her solemnization and reception were done in a day. Both the decorations are lovely. The reception hall was pretty too as it was done at night and they both compliments each other; it was held at Forest Valley Glasshall. Too bad I don't really have a picture of her pelamin there~ was busy being bridesmaid~

I had many paparazzi shots but lemme just put one here haha. I was showing the pattern that I want~
The bride-to-be doing her henna~
I meant, I took this photo cause the henna looks nice through the mirror haha and ahhh Fiza and I coincidentally wore the same coloured/ tone baju kurung: greenish blue and wanted to take photos together but we forgot~

/\ Don't know what we were gossiping about but probably about the henna too kk \/
/\ Love love these! \/
I love it that everyone has different designs.
Each of us received this with different messages and gosh I only read it halfway and tears fell through my cheeks~
Well, everyone was too and that made me feel more like it heee 
That golden hour shot haha

This is the deco for nikah.
Another lovely bride.
We look kyoot!
κ·Έλƒ₯~ genuine laugh λ‹ˆκΉŒ.
Reaaally love the photos with all the bridesmaid and we look good with different shades of purple but in pictures, it doesn't show much so LAFFF.
This is really just the photo I had of the pelamin at her reception and also the only one with her that night~
psst: just my 2 cents, I think it'd be better if Dira (on the left group/ the groom's side) is in front of Nabila~ hehe then it would be perfect 'staircase' lol xD
New friends through a friend's wedding. That's basically us and Fiza with them xD
Fiza's best girls~ Never knew them before our first bridesmaid gathering as I'm just a 'loner' cause no one else was from Limkokwing. Luckily they were all great and I can be asdfghjkl with them. Hope our paths cross again some time. πŸ–€
No one's asking but I still want to put the details as usual here on what I was in for both the solemnization and reception. So what are they?

Dress: Hanbok top (proudly said it's from yours truly, DDDD), black skirt (OBB), scarf (maid of honour bought it so idk hehe), rings (REDEYE + H&M), headband + handbag (Limkokwing Fashion Club), heels (Coach)
Face: 3CE Back to Baby Moisturiser, Benefit POREfessional balm, Innisfree No Sebum Powder, Innisfree Gel Liner in Black, Innisfree Always New Autoliner in 29 (used this as eyeshadow), LipIce Lipbalm, 3CE Lip Marker in Maroon Pink.

Dress: Lacey Tulle Dress (proudly said it's from yours truly, DDDD), shawl (maid of honour bought it so idk hehe), rings (REDEYE + H&M), headband (REDEYE), necklace (H****), handbag (Limkokwing Fashion Club), heels (Coach)
Face: 3CE Back to Baby Moisturiser, Benefit POREfessional balm, Innisfree No Sebum Powder, Innisfree Gel Liner in Black, Rawlulu Happy Pills Palette in Mud, Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette in Extra-Terrestrial, Moonshot Cream Paint in English Toffee (used this as blusher), LipIce Lipbalm, 3CE Lip Marker in Maroon Pink.

Oh! The haze was quite bad the week during the 21st but nonetheless we still had fun and enjoyed the time. New friends and memories made on my fav 🌝. What a month. I guess that was it?

Tettt. I thought I was done but I forgot there's more haha. So, Fiza and I decided to see our Indo friends off at the airport and here are the photos we took with them~ It was hectic though cause they can't check-in online so we had to rush out to KLIA (we hang out at KLIA2 hee) and luckily the flight got delayed. 
Lagi ngegosippin apaan inihhh? haha
Ahhh mau tau ajaaaa kamuu... :p
Literally went back to Chun for this girl who craves this, but she came late so she missed it with us earlier lol
Okayyy, now jinjja kkeut~ Bye and see you in the next post. Oh wait, really the last one! It was also Vinny's big day. It was held in Singkawang on the 10th.
She looks prettyyy too...
Sent her a surprise wedding gift~
Congratulations to all my girls~ They all look pretty on their big days! Enjoy your new life with your chosen men girls! xo


The girl who loves September,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, λ‹€μ΄μ• λ‚˜)


  1. I miss you, I miss all. Finally after so long I logged in my blog and able to comment. Thank you so much for everything babe, love you! rindu kahwin hahah

    1. Omgggg u made me read through this again haha. miss this month, too~ eip its okay next year do a 1 year wedding shoot plak with babyyyyy. hehe