Starry SpookiOtober!

Monday, November 4, 2019

Hey heyyy.

Just came back from a short getaway~ these past few months, I think I always spent the last and first day of the month somewhere else... so yeah I feel that we're in the same month still.

For this spookytober month, I started it off with celebrating myself as a fan called Starlight or 별빛 (byeol-bit) of an infamous dark-concept-dol, bikjyu... okay, that was in a cute way haha they're called VIXX or 빅스 (bik-seu). Met a few more new faces but nonetheless, we still enjoyed our day mutually.

Seen on me: top (ZARA), jeans and dungaree (Forever21), boots: gift officially use for the first time and bag (Coach), socks (H&M),  random accessories

Of course, these are from yours truly~ glad they all loved it!
How do you like the decor? These are just some of them~
Then, some time in the middle of the month, went to my studio to do some cleaning so that I can open it to the public soon but unfortunately, I need to get more storage for the clothes before I can move on to the next step which is decorating~~~ can't wait for the day I can officially work in my studio and also show it to you guys how it looks. I want to get it done asap but hmmm. 

And to the fun part of the month is... du dum du dum du dum... went there twice just within a week but for different reasons. The first trip was for my dad's teambuilding trip and the second one was for a sweet escape from the city life and to really makes us feel like it's fall here, too. The place is Genting Highlands~~! 

A breakfast pitstop cause we're just really early~ it was 7?
It was just my parents and I the first time cause my little bro couldn't join us for he had an exam the day we depart and my sister wanted to keep him company at home so I became like I was an only child. hehe. My dad was busy with his team-building events (at the hotel) to join my mom and me for a stroll at Genting where the main attraction is. Oh btw, it was just an overnight stay so yeah he really didn't have any chance to even make a stop there. Luckily, the hotel provided shuttle service which is really convenient for us who can't really drive. xD. The hotel was at the peak too and we can see Genting from our place but it's just that it's on the other side. Walked through the indoor theme park (yes, just walk through no playing or anything haha cause we'll play later in the second trip) and went up to the top level where the cable car is and surprisingly my mom (who FYI refused to ride on the flying cruise indoor: yes, I know it's coming soon but...) asked for a cable car ride outdoor, like O U T D O O R. lol. Took it and reached to Genting Highland Premium Outlet and just strolled for about 30 mins(?) and went back up to buy dinner. 
Fun fact or should I say funny fact?
People went there to shop for clothes or etc but we went there just to buy snacks. lol. and oh indeed a funny story I have for ya. Mom wants to get a 200g chestnuts which is priced at rm20 but I accidentally asked for an rm20 sweet potato cause I had it in mind, too. Shockingly while I blanked out, the seller did a quick job at weighing the potato with the, I believe biggest and heaviest potato they have that time that is priced at around rm20. It was just so big couldn't hold my laughter in but yeah I still take it cause I want it from the first... that's all about my funny story. haha. It was very goooood. Get it? Waka waka? (learnt from my 조카 (cho-ka) kk, from her fav cartoon if I'm not mistaken).
Humongous, ain't it?
Just after a week, I'm back at the same place and now with my lil bro and older sis and of course to playyyy. Intentionally came here on Halloween for its vibe~ and also coincidentally, my bro's day the next.

DAY 1: it was wayyy colder than our previous stay and it rained heavily at night too. You can compare it from our cable car view~ foggy but I believe they're cloudsss. 
Waiting for the shuttle~
Unleashing my inner child~
Halloween themed painting but still kyoot.
My tough-looking sister but NOT! 'infecting' mom too. haha. You saw how come my mom was with me right? xD
My 'evilness' laughing at my sister.
After all the dramas hahaha
Hot snacks on a cold day is a MUST!
Ate dinner here with a view~
Birthday boy wearing his birthday gift on his birthday eve~ xD
and oh look! Papa and mama on the side~ Now it sounds like CNS verse. haha
Look how cold it is~ Very windy I tell you. If you didn't make yourself stable and 'heavy' you can flyyyy.
Christmas came early. Drinking our fav Ferrero Rocher latte~
Shopped some more (Longines and Coach) at the SkyAvenue mall
even we went to the premium outlet xD cause the ones (Coach) at the outlet are a bit last season's.

Was just testing the camera angle then suddenly they strike a pose
so let's give them justice haha...

One of the reasons to be here on Halloween was for this horror house but we just can't help it yet to be in xD. Will give it a really really deep thought for maybe we'll go in the next time we visit? Oh, it'll be open until January 2020 ya guys~ 

DAY 2: cold in the morning but not as cold and it was just like during the first trip. I think D1's lowest temperature could be below 10.
Started the day off with of course breakfast and bowling for 2 hrs before we get to play the arcade and games at the Skytropolis and ended it with a stroll at Seoul Street. It's been soo long since we played bowling and we wanted to go for the glow in the dark but we had no time (it starts at 1800) so yeah... normal one would do~
Day 2 of face painting: cute ones and rabbit for birthday boy's zodiac? hehe

Tall cotton candy~
They were filming something for the new year~
We took the wrong one that's not going up and down... ㅠㅠ
Seoul street yeoreobundeul~ the ahjumma and ahjussi are really Korean~
We played classic arcade games and also some machine ones and also bumper car, sky towers and of course the merry-go-round (just for the sake of photos I admit haha cause it's somehow quite dizzy). Sky towers is a must! The only scary part was the first drop cause we still didn't know how it felt and for the next drops they were just funny haha. We were just laughing the whole ride and when it's done the staff looked at us with a weird look. lol. Not scary for a height fright at all cause it's indoor. After all those games which we still will come back to play some more went to Seoul Street and it smells like Korean food. haha but it makes sense tho cause a 할모니 (hal-mo-ni) was selling Kimchi there. Went to the Train to Busan gate just to take a peek if it's scary or not xD. Btw, when we were on the carousel, they made a zombie escaped to the Seoul St and there were scenes of the staffs in white uniforms (refer to the pic with birthday boy) trying to put it back in. I can't see the face of the zombie but I saw the back of its head heee. Why didn't they do it again while we're there? ㅋㅋ

DAY 3: last day and we didn't do much ㅠㅠ but we made a stop at 'Mini Cameron' on the way down.

Had breakfast and checked out at 1130 and byeeee. Self-plucked some strawberries and went to Orchid store next door and my mom can't leave without em and so we brought home 3 of them. We actually didn't have any space left but no, she's even willing to hold it. lol.
And boom. Looks like a hotel lobby already haha.
Andddd that's how my Spookytober goes~ 
Our short getaway, indeed a short one has ended just like that. Didn't make it to Starlight Festival (ikr? the same name as byeolbit heee but this one is an outdoor festival at Genting which ended last Saturday, Nov 2nd). Hoping to be there again soon~ Done with Halloween now to Pepero Day, shall we?


Enjoyed her Spooky Starry month,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)


  1. Loving the look! aunty bila nak jumpa haha

    1. which look mommy? tulaaa mommy stable kita gi chill~ hehe