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Friday, December 6, 2019

Ahhh sorry for the delayed post of month 11. Besides than my Novem-bro month, it's also another month of wedding thingz.

"What do you mean by Novem-bro" you asked? Well, cause it's my lil bro's month. hehe, get it? wakka wakka? Oh and also my second Zara's too~
Happy Birthday to you... happy birthday to you... saranghaneun Ochu and Nufa~ happy birthday to you...
The first wedding was on 10th of my cousin's but sorry it will just be the photos of us~ haha so as usual just enjoy the stunning faces of ours xD oh but before that, a day before the wedding which was on the 9th, we went for a macrame class making a... for... 비밀. xP
First thing first in the morning, the aunties wanted to take a photo with us cause of our dresses.
Well, where else can you get the styles if not from my line right? haha jk. but nah, I'm serious.
.mes frères.
.frères et sœurs.
.designer at work for shots of her dresses.
 .mes sœurs.
.ma famille.
Oma and her Zaras colour coordinated unintentionally~
*info: Oma is from an Indo word which means grandma, is not a Korean word Omma, which means mom.
Also Opa, Indo word which means grandpa, not Opah (Malay) or Oppa (Korean: brother).
No nampyeon yet to do this kind of shoot so namdong also cannnn hahaha
That's all for the 10th and now to the 23rd and 24th. These two days were more like a reunion weekend cause I got to meet my old friend and teachers from local primary school before I moved and also friends from Jakarta's school. Such a memoir weekend. #SISBVUnitesUs #SISBVForever

Oh psst: scroll through until the end cause I'll be doing a mini styling post. I guess?
#SISBVUnitesUs cause some of us actually didn't know each other before (I didn't know the one beside Wazza and he didn't know the two in between me and him) but cause we were in the same batch and also had attended the same school so yeah we became friends~ 
/\ Wazza, my childhood friend and Shahirah, my primary school bestie \/
Finally met her since we last saw each other in 2005(?)~
Anddd just me selfie-ing as usual after each event xD
.and mom with her teaching mates.
So that's basically it for the month of 11. Oh wait, I also gotta meet my Indo girl from Limkok as I've requested her to customised my nails for the wedding. Been quite a while since we last saw each other. Do you guys know when we last met? It was literally on our graduation day... right...! I just remember that we met a few days after for an interview of our final collections at the campus. If I'm not mistaken, it was after the graduation~

.we looked kyoot: at her nail bar, Lashington.

*and yes I know, my pose... I did that cause everytime I felt to make a photo looks better I should just pose like that haha and also to actually covers my double chin hahaha

psst: I think I'm gonna do a separate post for the styling of my OOTD on the 10th. Do wait and anticipate for it yeah~ coming pretty soon~


Walking down the memory lane,
Dyna d Dayn,
(慧琳, 다이애나)

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